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CV Services

Is your CV looking a bit tired? A bit out of date? Not sure what needs to stay and what needs to go? Sick of sending it and not getting any feedback? Not getting job offers? Well maybe it's time for action! Check out the services I offer below and let's get you over that first hurdle to interview stages. Not sure what you need? Contact me for advice and we can discuss your specific needs.


We'll work together to select the template that suits your needs and goals best. All CVs will be presented to you in PDF, but also in a word format YOU can edit YOURSELF moving forward. Although you'll always be welcome to contact me and use my services again in future, I understand how dynamic the yachting industry is and how quickly and often you may need to edit or update your own document. 


Why pick me? With over 15 years experience as a successful international crew agent, let me apply my knowledge of CV psychology and industry insight to help you achieve your goals. 

Get in Touch

Send me your CV for a free, no obligation quote, or fill out the form for more info. 

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