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Yacht Crew Advice Articles

CV advice, how to get into yachitng, interview techniques for both sides of the table, and maybe I'm biased, but most importantly how to get the best out of your crew agent...

Man at Desk

BE AN ATTENTION SEEKER! Making your CV work for you...

Written for Dockwalk

Need some guidance on how to write the perfect yachting CV? Look no further...

Ship's Wheel

Breaking into the Business

Written for Yacht Essentials

Interested in joining the Yachting Industry? No idea where to start? Read on....

Girls in a Coffee Shop

Interview Tips for Crew

Written for the Website

So your CV's been well received, now you've got the opportunity to have a face to face meeting for the job (possibly of your dreams). Let's not screw it up...

Cafe Interior

Interview Tips for Captains and Heads of Department

Written for the website

Lots of crew magazines offer helpful hints and advice for how to prepare and act in a job interview, but not much consideration has been given on the other side of the table; i.e. how do you interview a potential crew member?

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Getting the Most out of Your Crew Agent

Written for Onboard Online

Why use a crew agent? The reasons are endless, but most of it comes down to saving time and in the long term, money from using other services and hiring the wrong people. Use a professional and do it once, and do it right.


How to get a job through Facebook

2019 Dockwalk

I’m here to impart a little advice, a little wisdom and a little experience, here’s my guide to how to get that job through Facebook.

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