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My Story

Journalistic Beginnings

I am a Mallorca based International Yacht Crew Agency Owner, and Freelance Journalist. For info on my Agency please check out my other website;

I’ve covered stories and written pieces for a variety of publications and online media platforms. Throughout my life, I have always found myself drawn to the world of news and reporting; writing has always been a creative outlet for me along with amateur photography. I've always kept photographic and written journals wherever I've been in the world, from my original career in London as a Construction Project Manager (yes, really), including my "gap year" job working in the Bahamas with a top Hollywood shark wrangler (incidentally I'm still on that gap year. 14 years later...), and everywhere my travels have taken me around the world.  

In my free time I'm usually found up in the mountains hiking with our beautiful rescue dog Nala, or in the kitchen cooking up a storm with my grill obsessed husband Jimmy at home in our very own Redneck Ranch. For more of that and our travels, you can see us on instagram. 

I hope you enjoy my scribbles, feel free to email me with any feedback or thoughts, I'd love to hear from you. 

Erica xx

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